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Pandemic Preparedness Plan

AGA Academy has put a plan in place to ensure the safety and security of all students, faculty and staff. We are closely monitoring COVID-19 updates from the provincial government and other public agencies. We recommend that all students, faculty and staff adhere to protocols and precautions to prevent the spread of infection.

Classroom and Campus Safety

  • Entails following government-mandated protocols in entering enclosed places and adhering to site mandated limitations on capacity or number of people per area. Upon entering the campus, a COVID-19 screening tool from the Alberta Health Services is prominently displayed and strictly implemented by office staff. 

Practicum Training

  • For working in the field, in conditions where practicum will be face to face, students are well versed in the AHS protocols for safety and health. We strictly enforce the need for daily health checks, i.e., regular checking of temperature, signs, and symptoms of COVID-19 before going into social and workplace settings. They prepare to enter the workplaces with personal protective equipment appropriate for their setting, such as the use of masks, face shields, and gloves as needed and required by their practicum placement. Students are given information regarding disinfecting such as proper handwashing techniques, sanitation of work areas, after work hygiene practices that can mitigate risks for spreading viruses. 


Isolation and Quarantine

  • This includes technical support and training for online practicum during province-regulated lockdowns, isolation, and quarantine. Practicum placement partners may provide online work experiences to students. We ensure their readiness to follow province mandated protocols prior to placing students. Students may gain real-life and relevant experiences for the new and pervasive normal through online learning, advising, and counseling. Honing skills in their respective industries and responding to company needs through online portals like Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and the like are ideal for dealing with different scenarios. 

Blended Learning Approach

  • Classes will be offered using the google platform to satisfy the blended format stated in the program delivery. As COVID19 has impacted the learning community, we have utilized an online delivery of classes with a face-to-face exam. Google Suites will be provided to each student to allow them to use the Google Classroom. Lectures are interactive and conducted via Google Meets. Quizzes, assignments, and other learning activities are done through Google Forms. Submission of assessments will be completed through this platform, and exams will be provided face to face. Small group meetings and teacher consultations will be scheduled as allowed by the province and subject to daily updates on provincial restrictions and social distancing rules.

  • Attendance and punctuality will be monitored daily by the instructor. Learners are required to login onto Google Meets for synchronous learning delivery. Grades are also monitored throughout the program and logged onto a spreadsheet. 



Additional Resources

Alberta Health Services


Public Health Agency of Canada


Government of Canada


World Health Organization

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