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AGA Signature Program


Are you joining the job force soon? Are you interested in job postings that require education and training that you
don't currently have? AGA Academy has what you need in a delivery method that matches your schedule and current lifestyle. All of our short courses are practical and internationally recognized. Manuals and texts are included with every course.

Image by National Cancer Institute


7 months

Program Description

This program will prepare students to assist pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in compounding medications, packaging and labelling pharmaceutical products. Graduates may be employed a variety of work settings such as retail community pharmacies, medical clinics and hospital settings. Students will be trained in maintaining prescription records using innovative pharmacy management software. This program combines theoretical, laboratory and a 160-hour practicum experience in a pharmaceutical environment

Duration and Cost of Program

Duration: 7 months

Tuition Fee: $10,995


Blended and Onsite

Career Opportunities

Pharmacy Assistant

Pharmacy Aide

Drugstore Dispensing Assistant

Central Supply Aide

Pharmacy Supply Assistant

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