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Student Complaint Procedure

AGA Academy is committed to a fair treatment of students and staff to an open and collaborative approach when dealing with concerns. AGA Academy will try to resolve existing concern whenever is possible.

  • Students should first approach their instructor when a concern/complaint arises. If the matter is not successfully resolved the student then escalates the concern/complaint to the VP of administration. If no resolution is met then the student then completes a written complaint report addressed to the President of AGA Academy.

  • After receiving the formal written concern/complaint, a meeting will be arranged which requires the attendance of the student, respective course instructor, VP of administration and AGA Academy president.

  • If the student requires oral representation, the student is allowed to bring an advocate of their choice and will be attending all stages of the concern/complaint process.

  • The proceedings and outcomes on this meeting will be recorded.

  • Upon review of the concern/complaint and all other relevant information presented, a decision will be made. It will be communicated to the student in writing within 15 business days following the meeting and will outline the reasons for the decision.

  • AGA Academy will maintain a record of all concern/complaint meetings for the period of 3 years from the date of the decision.

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