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Howdy Folks! It's Time for Stampede Extrav-AGA-nza!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Come On Y'all, for AGA Group of Companies, Stampede Extr-AGA-nza how-down. Come cowboys and cowgirls to mosey at AGA Campus Ranch. Kick up your heels and do some steppin' to the beat of western music featuring Craig Moritz.

Saddle up early this July 9, at 10 am to don't be late for a FREE grub and some grillin'. Come to AGA Academy Parking Lot 1111 33st NE Calgary as it is real big deal!

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AGA Group of Companies joins the entire "heart of the new west" for the celebration of the 2022 Stampede, one of Canada's largest festivals and a significant tourist attraction for Calgary. From the humble beginning of an agricultural Exhibit to the Largest Outdoor Show on Earth is around the bend and in full swing.

The Calgary Stampede has drawn hundreds of thousands of crowds yearly since its humble beginnings in 1912. The latest regular editions of the festival had visitors 1,275,465 in 2019. The 2019 Calgary Stampede edition is said to be the second-highest attended Calgary Stampede celebration since 2012, its 100th year Calgary Stampede celebration.

Guy Weadick is the visionary New Yorker visionary who started it all. He visited Calgary while with a travelling western showcase in 1908.

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At a young age, Weadick was captivated by the cowboy lifestyle. This is why he pursued the western world lifestyles, to learn from the real cowboys. Weadick worked at several ranches, including a signed contract with the Miller Brothers' 101 Ranch Wild West Show. His cowboy skills were honed here, where he learned "the ropes" of showmanship to being a famous trick roper. Weadick was inspired by the City of Calgary's idea and realized that the City is on the brink of modernity yet still firmly rooted in its "Old West."

That idea sparked in Weadick's mind, and they felt it would be an excellent opportunity to introduce the "Frontier Days and Cowboy Championship Contest on stage."

He discussed the idea with H.C. McMullen, general livestock agent for the CPR, but McMullen, however, these gentlemen felt Calgary was not quite ready.

The not-so-well-received idea made Weadick travel to Chicago instead;

Weadick's frustration led him to Chicago. It is where he met for the first met, Flores La Due (born Grace Maud Bensell).

Le Due left her home as a teenager to join the circus. Fortunately for Weadick that LaDue was also interested in being a trick rider herself, only from with a different Wild West Show. After a short five-week courtship, Weadick and La Due began a lifelong partnership and got married.

They started teaming up on stage for a trick roping show and performed together on the vaudeville circuit into the 1930s. The rest is, of course, the now what we enjoy annually and attraction to millions, The Largest and Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, The Calgary Stampede.

To know more about AGA Academy, please contact or visit: Website: E-mail: Phone: (587) 391-2961

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