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Keeping the Philippine Flag Waving: An AGA Academy's Heritage and Commitment

During the entire celebration of the Philippine Heritage Month in Alberta, AGA Academy has been at the forefront and side by side with several Filipino Canadian associations.

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The key people behind the AGA Academy, alongside the thriving AGA Group of Companies, have supported at least half a dozen activities by different organizations, groups and clubs to make this remarkable month a great success for all Canadians and those of Filipino descent.

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Mayors William Choy (City of Stony Plain), left center and Jeff Ackers ( City of Spruce Grove), both wearing Barongs and enjoying the Lechon together with councillors Dave Oldham and Justin Anderson.

Few of their contributions include the Lechon Galore centrepieces to as far as Grand Prairie and Stony Plain in the North, Brooks in the East, Banff in the West and Calgary at the homefront.

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Chef Paul Esmeria (Paul's Kitchen), Board Members of the Filipino Canadian Community in the Rockies (center) and Taste of Cultures Multi-Cultural celebration attendees at the Whyte Museum in the Rockies Banff were enjoying the Lechon tasting.

One other distinguishing and inspiring effort they have contributed for Filipinos in Alberta is to keep the Philippine Flag waving at all times at Nosehill Park, Airdrie. The donation of not just one but a total of four flagpoles where the flags of Canada, The Philippines, the province of Alberta, City of Airdrie will be proudly waving is very significant for AGA Academy and Group of Companies to realize.

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These flagpoles, as symbols of sovereignty, are distinctively standing near the bust of one of the Philippine's heroes'' Dr. Jose Rizal.

Credits: ZXDidi Graphics Caps & Lenses by Marietta

"To emerge triumphant and keep the pride and honour among Filipino Canadians in Alberta, It can also inspire other people all over the globe, and this is what the gesture is all about. According to their President and CEO, Ms. Abby Villanueva, what the Philippine flag colours symbolize resembles what AGA Academy and Group of Companies embody. For this reason, she and her team enthusiastically agreed when the Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippine Consulate-Calgary Office, approached them to help build the four flagpoles.

Flag. The Philippine flag, the National Coat of Arms, and the Great Seal carry the same colours, including the sun and the stars, to denote the same symbolism. Here is what Philippine Flag and its colours stand for:

The flag comprises four colours: a horizontal bicolor band of blue at the top, red at the bottom with a white equilateral triangle base, and an eight-rayed golden sun at the center. There are three five-pointed golden stars vertices in each triangle corner.

Colours: Blue, Red, White and Yellow. The four colours: blue stands for peace, justice, sacrifice, and truth, red symbolizes bravery, courage, and patriotism, while the white triangle represents fraternity, liberty, and equality.

The Large Yellow Sun at the center of the triangle symbolizes freedom, unity, democracy, and sovereignty.

In contrast, the Three Five-Pointed Stars at each of the triangle corners are the three major geographical divisions of the country: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The Eight Rays represent the first eight provinces ( Nueva Ecija, Manila, Pampanga, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Bataan) fought for freedom agains Spanish invaders.

Villanueva also emphasized that the AGA Academy logo and emblems comprise White, Yellow and Blue colours, practically all in the Philippine Flag and all the flag symbolizes.

Finally, when Villanueva was asked where the Red colour of the flag place itself? Abby smiled gleefully and said, "the passion and devotion to the Philippine Heritage and supporting a majority of community activities during the month-long celebration in the entire province is sufficient to say AGA's commitment to its people and culture. This is how AGA heart's beat".

To know more about AGA Academy, register now online on our website, or contact us via email or phone:(587) 391-2961

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