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12 Things You’ll Be Suprised to Discover About AGA Academy

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Printed with permission from the author Marietta Pangan

12. The Humble Beginning. AGA Academy is a new learning institution with excellent opportunities for growth which was piloted in Calgary and is now conveniently located in three additional offices in Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg. According to the CEO, President, Ms. Abby Villanueva, she started with a dream and one student. The rest is, of course, history after just being around for 12 short months.

11. Filipino Built and Owned Academy in Alberta. AGA Academy is now creating a global academic experience and building a sustainable future for diverse, local and international students. AGA is now with six approved curriculums.

10. Unprecedented Growth. From humble beginnings, AGA Academy is now with six approved curriculums. This institution is dedicated to excellence in teaching and learning, providing students with the advantage of outstanding experiential learning in a supportive academic environment.

9. Equal Opportunity Employer. What do they offer? As a member of the AGA Academy, the team of instructors can expect to be treated with dignity, respect and the support which will bridge and enable AGA students to succeed. They also offer competitive compensation packages. AGA Academy also delightfully welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities.

8. Seasoned Academe. AGA Academy sought only experienced Program Instructors in the team of skillful and knowledgeable instructors who share a passion for excellence in teaching and learning and providing students with the advantage of outstanding experiential learning in a supportive, learner-focused academic e

7. Hands-On Academic Support.

AGA Academy will provide career-focused services to all its students on site. Students can connect with their academic team to discuss college services, career advising, job search assistance, housing information, academic support and other services to ensure student's needs are met.

6. Welcome International Students. AGA Academy is dedicated to assisting international students to achieve their academic goals by providing the necessary resources to plan for their studies in Canada. They ensure that students will be given clear and accurate information about the study and work options while in Canada and the Canada Study Permit to Canadian Permanent Resident Status.

5. In-Demand Programs. AGA Academy has done tremendous market research and planned well programs that are in high demand to assist students in finding jobs quickly upon completion of their programs.

4. Easy Apply. The enrollment process could be overwhelming. AGA Academy understands it. That is why they have developed simplified four easy steps in the Student Registration and Application Process, which is available online. This simplified approach to registration Financial Advisor to assist students with a Loan application or answer questions regarding paying your tuition.

3. Blended Delivery(Online and In-class). AGA Academy programs are designed to respond to the diverse and continuously evolving educational platforms. AGA Team makes sure that students are prepared for a seamless transition online during these unprecedented times brought by Covid 19 Pandemic and training towards face to face.

2. Community Giver. AGA is founded with diverse cultural backgrounds led by Filipinos with a powerful sense of community and committed to the future of Alberta and Canada that add value to the local and global economy.

1. The Lady is The Boss. Abby Villanueva or Ms. Abby is the CEO and President of AGA Academy. This lady boss is simply TOUGH! She will merely get going, as according to her, “whatever it takes, turning back is not a choice for me!" One of Abby’s Favorite Quotes is " Life is a Journey, Not a Destination," which is why it keeps on moving up. After just a year, this lady boss led and prepared her team and the Academy for its prospective students, towards an easy yet competitive educational platform, paralleled with guidance and support along the way. Lastly, Abby wants to reassure that AGA Academy programs are diverse fields of study and keep rising to the top of interaction and service-learning. Would you mind applying today by emailing Abby Villanueva, President and CEO, at

Photo Courtesy: AGA Academy

For more information regarding all your requirements, please visit

+1 587-391-2961

Appointment times are available Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (MST/GMT-7 -or- MDT/GMT-6).

AGA Academy Calgary (Headquarter) 1111- 33 Street NE

Calgary, Alberta T2A 6T2 Canada


Phone: (587) 391-2961

AGA Academy (Edmonton) 6412 28th Avenue NW Edmonton AB T6L 6N3 Canada


Phone: (780) 357-3996


About the Author

Marietta Pangan is the CEO of Kaizen PRESS Services, Your Best Option Marketing & Promotions and Rekados (The Main Ingredient). She is a Fil-Canadian advocate of the “Pay It Forward” System. Goals: inform, educate and inspire. Writes/Blogs about factual and inspirational news. Also passionate about showcasing good deeds, current events, food, nutrition, travel and discoveries.

Marietta has more than 25 years of extensive experience combined in technical, scientific, and news writing. Her expertise also includes editing and proofreading. She has covered hundreds of Events in Alberta. Marietta also enjoys community and is involved in dozens of engagements as an Event Planner /Consultant/Advisor/Facilitator for marginalized and ethnic communities and visible minorities. She has also a wide range of professional experiences in Research and Development, Public Health, Menu, Food Product Development & Standardization. Additionally, she is a seasoned Food Service Supervisor & Manager. Lastly, Marietta continues to enjoy a fair share of Marketing and Sales/Customer Service for a decade as an entrepreneur.

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