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5 Reasons Why Alberta is the Best Province in Canada To Visit, Work and Reside

Updated: May 21, 2022

Alberta is named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848–1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. Lake Louise, together with Mount Alberta, were both taken after her name in her honour. Princess Louise was the wife of John Campbell, Marquess of Lorne, one of Canada’s Governor-General (1878–83). In the 1950s, the Europeans were the first explorers being fur traders.

Alberta was established in 1882 and eventually as a province in 1905. But beyond history, Alberta is one of the best provinces to visit, study, work, play and reside permanently in several ways. Here are just a few more among hundreds:

5. Experience Lots of Sun Even During Winter!

Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Photo Courtesy Caps & Lenses Photography by Marietta

Calgary, Alberta, tops the sunniest places in all of Canada. Based on the visible sunlight during daytime hours, Alberta and Saskatchewan share the highest percentage of sunny days 50% of days are optimistic in Alberta. The heart of the new west receives 2405 hours and 333 days of sunshine a year, respectively. In case you haven’t heard it yet, Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces form the sunbelt of Canada.

4. Witness the Phenomenal Northern Lights and Big Blue Sky

Northern Lights, Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada.

Photo Courtesy Caps & Lenses Photography by Marietta

An elusive natural light phenomenon ranges from deep green, yellow, red and purple dancing in the clear night sky. These stunning dances of lights in the air make people travel from across the globe to catch a glimpse of it. The key is to patiently find the ideal spots to witness the rare occurrences of shooting stars, the Milky Way and the Lady Aurora herself. Anyone patient enough and with a bit of enthusiasm can see Aurora Borealis all year long in Alberta. Being able to see for miles is one thing, and getting gorgeous big blue skies on top of that is another. Good thing Alberta has both.

3. The Mecca for Iconic National Parks.

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Photo Courtesy Caps & Lenses Photography by Marietta

Alberta boast of its 27,525 sq km (10,627 sq mi) of protected land in over 500 sites. Alberta’s five national parks and 76 provincial parks will take you decades to explore them all, even once in a lifetime. These five national parks cover an additional 63,000 sq km (24,000 sq mi), and amazingly, three are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

2. Get Up Close with the Breathtaking Rocky Mountains.

Castle Mountain, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada.

Photo Courtesy Caps & Lenses Photography by Marietta

Alberta has 245 rivers, over 600 lakes, and 1887 named peaks. The peaks of the Canadian Rockies are majestic, many of them reaching a height of more than three kilometres above sea level. One of the most trademark cities of the entire country, people come from around the world to visit is Banff and its surrounding natural wonders. Another iconic Canadian mountain town, Jasper, is the most photographed spot globally, and once you see it for yourself, you will understand why.

1. Receive Top-notch Education. With so many excellent universities, Alberta is a province that many outsiders flock to when pursuing post-secondary education. You could be confident of your economic stability if you decided to invest in your future.

AGA Academy is one of those Institutions that Welcome, International Students. AGA Academy is dedicated to assisting local, diverse and international students to achieve their academic goals by providing the necessary resources to plan for their studies in Canada. They ensure that students will be given clear and accurate information about the study and work options while in Canada, from the Canada Study Permit to Canadian Permanent Resident Status.

For more information regarding all your requirements, please


+1 587-391-2961

Appointment times are available Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (MST/GMT-7 -or- MDT/GMT-6).

AGA Academy | Facebook

AGA Academy Calgary (Headquarter) 1111- 33 Street NE

Calgary, Alberta T2A 6T2 Canada



Phone: (587) 391-2961

AGA Academy (Edmonton) 6412 28th Avenue NW Edmonton AB T6L 6N3 Canada


Phone: (780) 357-3996


Marietta B. Pangan

Kaizen PRESS Services -CREW | Facebook

Marietta Pangan is the owner/CEO of Your Best Option Marketing & Promotions, Kaizen

PRESS Services and Rekados (The Main Ingredient) Consultancy. She is a Filipino-Canadian and an advocate of the “Pay It Forward” System. Her goals are to inform, educate and inspire. She is also passionate about showcasing good deeds, talents and skills, current events, food, nutrition, travel and discoveries. Marietta has enjoyed a fair share of Marketing/Mentoring/Coaching and Sales/Customer Service for a decade as an entrepreneur.

If not chasing Northern Lights, Marietta is dedicated to adding value to the community. She has continuously been involved in dozens of engagements as an Event Planner/ Consultant/ Advisor/ Facilitator for marginalized and ethnic communities and visible minorities in Alberta. Marietta is currently volunteering as the Executive Director for Diaryo Alberta Society, an Alberta-operated non-profit organization. She has spearheaded and initiated several projects and covered hundreds of Events in Alberta.

Marietta never leaves the house without a camera and an extra battery in her pocket to find inspiration. This is where she finds balance after more than 25 years of extensive experience combined in technical, scientific and news writing. She writes/blogs about factual news and inspirational stories. Her expertise also includes editing and proofreading.

As a professional Dietitian and seasoned Food Service Supervisor & Manager, Marietta finds the kitchen therapeutic. She has a wide range of experiences in Research and Development, Public Health, Menu, Food Product Development & Standardization. Marietta performs cooking demonstrations and feeding programs, part of her social responsibility, teaching organizations feeding coordinators in the Philippines.

To breathe, Marietta leaves a day of every week for her faith, family and “me time.” Marietta has set a cardinal rule, once a year, when she unplugs everything and retreats with nature. Anyone can easily guess her age by the number of hours she spends in solitude, communes and gives back time with the Creator.

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