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AGA Academy Instrumental in Recognizing Pandemic Heroes Day Two years in a Row

'COVID-19 Pandemic Heroes Day' is a living tribute that appreciates frontline and essential workers braving the global scale threat of the Covid 19 virus.

Abby Villanueva, the CEO and President of AGA Academy, in collaboration with Diaryo Alberta Society, spearheaded this declaration on December 21, 2020. This initiative is a gesture of gratitude with a remarkable boost from AGA Academy, a private career institution located in northeast Calgary.

Villanueva also invited all frontline workers in Calgary and the area to visit them. She and her staff handed an initial 250 Pandemic Heroes Certificates with gifts bags that come with them.

According to her, it is heartwarming to see a steady stream of modern-day heroes and thank them personally.

AGA Academy provided enormous support to the communities and organizations that held Pandemic Community Champions and Heroic Stories Awards 2021—on its second-year celebration of Pandemic Heroes Day, designated on December 21, 2022.

AGA Academy is at the forefront to equally thank communities and individuals. During the past two years of pandemic global suffering, several individuals and non-profit groups reached out and assisted those in dire need. The Pandemic Community Champions and Heroic Stories Awards 2021, held on January 15, 2022, highlights community and individuals' initiatives.

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