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Chronic Pain- A Very Misunderstood Medical Condition

Updated: May 21, 2022

AGA February 01, 2022

According to ASA Newsletter, Chronic pain affects at least 10 percent of the world’s population. One in 10 people develop chronic pain every year worldwide. This is approximately 60 million people. ( Jackson, 2014).

Chronic Pain is a very misunderstood debilitating medical condition that lends a person only today. Every day is a different day. Today may mean a day of struggles and frustration. Today's accomplishment is all in all to the person. Tomorrow, must again step up, try with a clear head above shoulders, fervently pray and START a hopeful today once again.

CHRONIC PAIN has so many faces and phases. This condition is difficult to comprehend or explain. Chronic pain has no cure. Contrary to most people's belief, chronic pain does not equate with age nor a product of active imagination. This condition can make a person realize how fragile and helpless a situation can get.

This kind of pain can rule over an entire life. It debilitates and shakes the very core of a person's being. If not managed properly, will cloud a person's judgement to a miserable worldly existence.

Ironically, chronic pain may,

  • prioritize what's important in life

  • help a person appreciate small accomplishments.

  • choose what matters today

  • have higher compassion for others

  • accept help

  • handle misjudgement better,

  • stop for a moment and smell the roses

  • cherish little triumphs and less perfectionism.

There are several mind/body techniques and approaches when it comes to treating chronic pain. One of them is an alternative therapy. Therapeutic massage therapy paired with dietary approaches is proven to help alleviate pain. Besides the benefits for specific conditions or diseases, some people enjoy massage because it helps in comfort and increases connection and expression of care.

Massage Therapy is increasingly being offered and standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations.

AGA Academy Signature Program offers a 24-month Advanced Massage Therapy Diploma. This program will prepare learners in performing massage therapy for treatment and prevention of dysfunction, injury, pain, and physical disorders. Students can further their careers as they build on the knowledge and techniques gained in their Massage Therapy (Year 1) Diploma Program.

AGA Academy is one of those Institutions that Welcome, International Students. AGA Academy is dedicated to assisting local, diverse and international students to achieve their academic goals by providing the necessary resources to plan for their studies in Canada. They ensure that students will be given clear and accurate information about the study and work options while in Canada, from the Canada Study Permit to Canadian Permanent Resident Status.

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Tracy P. Jackson, Victoria Sutton Stabile, K.A. Kelly McQueen; The Global Burden Of Chronic Pain. ASA Newsletter 2014; 78:24–27

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